chicalolita (chicalolita) wrote,

The Bugle challenge - a sonnet for Obama-Biden

Don't know how many of you listen to it, but The Bugle is the podcast by John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman. They made a challenge this week for people to write sonnets because someone realised 'Obama-Biden' is half a line of iambic pentameter. Naturally, I got out my quill. Suggestions on how to improve are greatly appreciated.

I did two versions, both end with the same joke, cos I can't let go that a place is called the Mile High City.

Obama-Biden were the names that shone
As coloured sparks lit up the Denver sky
Barack told us that all despair is gone
The world let out a great collective sigh

A million songs and speakers warmed the crowd
Would he perchance say ‘hope’ within his speech?
The buzzwords flowed like wine, clichés unbowed
And so around the doubters he did reach

Should John give up the snark, now there’s the rub
Get drunk on hope and join the Mile High Club!


Obama-Biden buttons pinned to breast
The Democrats prepared for their new reign
It was just like a ‘Change’ Oktoberfest
Hangover’s in November, yet again

John thought he’d be immune from cunning ploy
Barack’s Absinthe of hope went to his head
Drunk on propitious words and odes to joy
The skin of British snark then he did shed

The correspondent went to pillory
But joined the Mile High Club with Hillary
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